Since 2016 the region of Flims-Laax-Falera hosts the TrailTrophy. At around 1050 metres above sea level, Flims and Laax are the perfect locations offering up an abundance of hugely characterful, varied trails: some rooty and wild, others rocky and alpine, some open and grassy and even more with man-made berms, jumps and other little treats. No-one can accuse Flims-Laax of being repetitive. The start line can be reached by bike and, of course, chairlifts and gondolas. For more info on the tracks and trails, the schedule for the TrailTrophy’s stop in Flims-Laax and more, just keep reading.



The Programme for TrailTrophy Flims-Laax will be published beginning of January 2019.

Event-Area: Laax, rocksresort, Via Murschetg 15, 7032 Laax, Switzerland.


  • Rider limit: 350 places are available on the starting line-up (Men’s Rider & Masters Class/Women’s rider class).
  • Ranking: There will be individual rankings available for every rider with times per single section and a cumulative total ride time. In addition to this, multiple riders can also be ranked as a team. (See below)
  • Teams: Three riders can be ranked as a team provided they each give an identical (!), appropriate team name. If more than three riders are starting under one team name, the three fastest riders will be ranked. Team names must be given at registration, or at the very latest when you pick up your starter pack at accreditation.
  • Starting Order: The starting order for the first session is decided according to the start numbers assigned, except for the 50 fastest riders from the previous year, who will go first. Starting order will then be based on interim results/timings as soon as this is possible (so from the night ride onwards).
  • Overall Series Ranking: At the end of the season the best riders of the TrailTrophy series will be crowned the Final. Riders will be awarded points according to where they place at each TrailTrophy with the rider with the highest number of points at the end winning. The same number of points will be awarded for each TrailTrophy.
  • Overall Series Ranking II: Participants competing for overall ranking can have their worst result discounted. To be considered for the TT overall series ranking you must compete in the TT final!
  • Prizes: Trophies and prizes will be awarded to the winners - no prize money will be given out.

Rules and regulations

Further information and conditions of participation can be found here (in German and English):

Teilnahmebedingungen TrailTrophy Flims-Laax 2019

Rules and regulations of TrailTrophy Flims-Laax 2019


Informations about additional insurances

Here you can find the informations about the insurances we offer as an option:

Cancellation insurance

Information cancellation insurance (annual policy)

Information sheet on insurance products

General insurance conditions

consumer protection information

Accident insurance

Information accicent insurance

Information and general insurance conditions


TrailTrophy trails will not be announced prior to the event. The stages will however take place on pre-existing trails and routes. Sometimes special trails are allowed for riding at the race which are not for normal use – so you can be proud to have some special experiences at the TrailTrophy.

Friday (16.08.) afternoon, Trail session: ca. 15-20 km/roughly 600 vertical metres; 3 time trials

Friday (16.08.) evening, Night session: ca. 8 km/roughly 300 vertical metres; 1 time trial

Saturday (17.078), Enduro session: around 35 km/roughly 600 vertical metres ascent, approx. 2500 vertical metres descent; 5-6 time trials

Sunday (18.8.), Allmountain session: ca. 15-20 km/about 300 vertical metres ascent, approx. 1200-1500 vertical metres descent; 4 time trials

The entry fee for the TrailTrophy Flims-Laax is 179 Euro.

The price includes:

  • Personal start number
  • Four timed trail sessions with around 12 timed stages
  • Welcome package
  • All transport including shuttles/lift for the TrailTrophy
  • Lunch on Saturday, 17.08.2019
  • Dinner/Barbecue voucher for Saturday, 17.08.2019
  • Instant result printput at the end of each session
  • Results list
  • Valuable prizes for the first places and other riders

Updated: 15.02.2019
Subject to changes and additions


Being participant of the TrailTrophy powered by, there are plenty of partner hotels and B&B’s you can stay in over the TrailTrophy weekend.

Our tip: Read the details of your accommodation carefully as many partner hotels include an evening meal (dinner on Saturday is included in your entry fee for TrailTrophy).

There are a good number of establishments in the Flims-Laax region that specifically cater to the needs of bikers. These bike hotels and their respective offers can be found here:

Campig guests can book a special stay of two nights at Camping Flims (normally it's only possible for three nights and more…). Please note the kay word "TrailTrophy" when your're booking!


Here you'll find the provisional schedule of TrailTrophy Flims-Laax. The detailed schedule will be send via e-mail to alle participants ca. 10 days before the event.

Friday, 16.08.2019

from 9:00 am Accreditation given out at Race Office, Rocks Resort; Laax-Murschetg
from 10:00 am TrailTrophy Flims-Laax site opens at Rocks Resort; Laax-Murschetg
1:00 pm Closing of Race Office
1:15 pm Official opening and rider briefing
1:30 pm Start of Session No. 1
ca. 9 pm Start of "night"-session (due to weather conditions)
ca. 10:45 pm Start of last night session rider

Saturday, 17.08.2019

8:30 am Start of Session No. 3
from ca. 11:30 am Option for short lunch break
ca. 3:30 pm Start of last rider at the beginning of last time trial of the day
7:00 pm common evening meal/barbecue at venue of TrailTrophy; Laax-Murschetg

Sunday, 18.08.2019

8:30 am Start of Session No. 4
ca. 10:00 am Second breakfest by bike-components
ca. 11 am Last rider starts at the beginning of time trial
ca. 11:30 am First rider arrives at the finish line
ca. 2:30 pm Victory ceremony and official end of the event